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Absolute poker has been a big part of Shark Poker Tour since day one. We joined forces with them a few years ago, and in that time,Absolute has grown into one of the most popular sites on the net. We’re sure the Shark Army affiliation had a lot to do w/that ;) But, it could have something to do with their generous bonus offerings…

Absolute offers the best bonuses on the planet. Their initial deposit bonus is HUGE (100% up to $750!) and their reload bonuses are frequent and fertile. If you’re a decent/break-even player, you’ll have no problem showing a profit just from bonuses alone. IMO, you should ALWAYS be working off bonuses at this generous Shark Tour stop.

If you’re an active member of the Shark Army (and if you’re not, ya should be!) you’ll find several $$$ added events (and/or freerolls) at AP every month. The easy entry passwords and "non sitting" players kicked out (at first blind change) are strong features that make this a popular stop on our Tour. The weekly “Born” $200 add (plus $20 bounty on Born) is quickly becoming one of the most popular events on the tour. And, the monthly ladies event always draws some top notch / chip slinging femme fatales.

Software: The AP interface is easy to navigate and well organized. Game play is fast and the sounds are crisp and clean. The software offers all the basics including: player notes, player search (find your friends and/or enemies) and cash transfers between players are allowed. Another cool feature that AP offers (which some people swear by) is hot keys that allow you to use the keyboard to dictate your actions (instead of the mouse.)

Game Selection : AP offers Texas Hold’em, Omaha , Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud, and Stud Hi-Lo. They offer all the games in single and multi-table tourneys. Tourney fields @ AP are considerably smaller than other sites (which can be a good thing if ya don’t feel like plowing through 1000 donks to reach a final table.) Absolute also recently added Blackjack to their list of game offerings (good for a change of scenery after a couple 1000 hands of Holdem.)

Graphics: The graphics @ AP are above average. Absolute offers some nice/unique features including Custom Icons and Downloadable skins. Custom icons allow you to upload any small image to use as your avatar. Downloadable skins change the appearance of the poker table/room (check the AP website for details on how to install these skins.) A recent upgrade GREATLY improved the look/feel of the lobby… (AP makes regular upgrades that have been steadily improving their product… I expect this to continue… on many levels, above /beyond graphics.)

Bonuses / Promotions:  Absolute offers some OUTSTANDING deposit bonuses. Their current (May 06) initial deposit bonus is %100 up to $750 (HUGE!) The bonus clears at a rate of $10 for every 100 points (you get 1 point for every pot that is raked .50 or higher.) Once you’ve cleared/earned your original deposit bonus, you can take advantage of the regular reloads that AP offers (sometimes 2-3 a week!) AP also offers a loyalty program, called: Absolute Rewards. We have a Absolute Poker referral code here too. You earn AR points by playing ring games, sit and go's &/or multi table tournaments. These AR Points can be used to enter a variety of tournaments.

Traffic: You’ll find 10,000+ players during peak times.

Banking: Deposit options: NETeller, CentralCoin, FirePay, VISA, MasterCard, Electronic Check, Bank Draft, and Wire Transfer. Cash out options: NETeller, FirePay, and Check.

Customer Service: Email only (in our experience, they’ve been VERY prompt.)

Pros: Lots of Money added Shark Tour Events at Absolute. & BONUSES galore! Play w/top pros: Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi or Mark "the other Shark" Seif!

Cons:   No live support

Overall Rating: 9 (out of 10)

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